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Animal nutrition | S-PILL®
The first rumen stimulant pill


What is the S-PILL®?
The first rumen stimulant pill.

What is the S-PILL® for?
Stimulates rumen flora and fauna. Supplies energy.

Why S-PILL®?
More activity in the rumen - more activity in the cow.

How effective is the S-PILL®?
Scientific studies showed that the S-PILL® stimulates rumen flora and fauna up to 24 hours after administration and supplies energy.

Which cows is it for?
Feed changes, inappetence.

When should it be given?
2 pills when needed, 2 pills the day after.

What is the S-PILL® made of?
Sodium propionate, cellulose, palm fat.

What is the S-PILL® legally?
Feed material.

S-PILL® - More activity in the rumen.
S-PILL® - Scientifically tested..
Geishauser et al. 2010: Nutztierpraxis Aktuell 35, 4–9.

Animal nutrition for dairy cows: Starch
Technological additive (g/kg): Sodium propionate: 850
Analytical components (%): Sodium: 20

Net weight: 4x 100 grams (1 package contains 4 pills)


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