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Animal Feed for ruminants: Yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) fermented on nutrient substrate, inactivated (EU-Catalog of Feed Materials (VO 68/2013): 12.1.15)

What is PansenTurbo liquid?
PansenTurbo liquid is a unique feed in this form, which consists of special yeast cultures (Sachharomyces cerevisiae), yeast extracts, components of yeast cell walls (Mannan-Oligosaccharide, MOS and ß-glucan) and fermentation products of yeasts. PansenTurbo liquid has a double effect: yeasts have a positive effect on the rumen flora, while MOS promotes healthier intestinal flora.

  • Higher feed conversion
  • Lower rumen acidification
  • Higher milk yield
  • Strengthening of the immune system
  • Strengthening in the dry and transition phase
  • Stimulates fluid intake in calves
  • Lower risk of (calf-) diarrhea
  • Ability to bind a variety of mycotoxins
  • Healthier animals
  • Low costs, high benefits

The main ingredients and their advantages:
  • Yeast cultures stimulate the digestive bacteria in the rumen, increasing digestion and consequently feed conversion.
  • The stimulation of ruminal bacteria also improves lactate utilization, rumen stability and ammonia utilization. Due to the increased protein utilization a higher milk yield can be achieved.
  • PansenTurbo liquid has a positive effect on the overall condition of the animal during heat stress.
  • The yeast extracts and fermentation products (metabolites) are an additional support for faster and higher feed conversion in any climate.
  • MOS are special, indigestible sugar molecules derived from yeast cell walls. Through their key-lock principle, these MOS building blocks prevent the adherence of many pathogens to the intestinal villi. Colonization by harmful bacteria is made more difficult, and a healthier intestinal flora is the result.

Flexible application and dosage:
  • Can be used anywhere as a single feed, where the benefits of yeast cells are desired.
  • Can help strengthen the immune system and increase feed intake.
  • MOS and ß-glucan are able to bind mycotoxins.
  • Can strengthen both cow and calf, especially in the dry and transit phase.
  • Can improve the overall condition of your calves and increase milk yield in dairy cows.
  • PansenTurbo liquid is easy to dose and, as a concentrate, very space-saving.
  • Can be added to TMR (total mix ration) in the feed mixer (feed in stock TMR within 6 weeks).
  • Can be dosed via the drinking water (make sure water pipes are clean).
  • Can be added to the milk for the calf.
  • Can be administered orally with the "Drench method" for single use.

PansenTurbo liquid already contains the metabolic products (metabolites), which would only produce live yeast in the rumen under difficult conditions. This results in a faster and higher stimulation of rumen activity in any climate. In addition, MOS promote a healthy and balanced intestinal flora, since the colonization of pathogenic germs is minimized. As a result, the immune system is strengthened with regular use. Also the (calves) diarrhea can be counteracted.

PansenTurbo liquid is the next generation of yeast cultures. PansenTurbo liquid is easy to dose and inexpensive.

Recommended use:
  • Starter calves 2,5 ml per animal/day;
  • Weaning calves 5,5 ml per animal/day;
  • Dairy cattle (dry & lactating cows) 11.5 ml per animal/day.
  • Dairy cattle after calving (Drench method), 3 days in a row 250 ml per animal/day.

The recommended daily amount can be diluted as required for simplified use / feeding with water.

PansenTurbo liquid is available in 5 gallon (18.92 liter) canisters. Larger quantities on request.

Crude protein: 5,0%
Dry matter: 28,0%

Liquid fermentation product, inactivated yeast cells, yeast cell walls, additives: lactic acid (E270), xanthan gum (E415).


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