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Animal nutrition | SENIOR pill applicator
The first ergonomic pill applicator for dairy cows


What is the SENIOR?
The first ergonomic pill applicator for cows. Handier and gentler.

What is the SENIOR for?
Dairy cows.

Why is it ergonomic?
The SENIOR is curved like the route through the oral cavity to the esophagus. Its end is rounded.

Why is it handier?
The SENIOR lies comfortably in the hand.

What is the SENIOR made off?
Tube of stainless steel, plunger of plastic.

How to use?
Insert a pill. Grab the tooth-free rim of the palate. Tickle the palate until the cow opens the mouth herself. Carefully insert the SENIOR into the oral cavity. Slide it carefully across the base of the tongue until the red mark meets the muzzle. Release the pill.

How to clean?
Rinse with running hot water.


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