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Animal nutrition | pH-PILL®
The first bicarbonate pill for dairy cows


What is the pH-PILL®?
The first bicarbonate pill for dairy cows.

What is the pH-PILL® for?
Higher rumen pH.

How effective is the pH-PILL®?
Scientific tests showed that the pH-PILL® increases rumen pH.

Which cows is it for?
For all cows with rumen acidosis.

How to detect rumen acidosis? Low milk fat (less than 3%), or milk fat lower than milk protein, in more than 5% of the cows at monthly milk test points toward rumen acidosis. A low pH value (less than 5,5) in the rumen fluid indicates rumen acidosis.

What consequences may rumen acidosis have?
Laminitis, lameness.

When should it be given?
2 pills when needed, 2 pills the day after.

What is the pH-PILL® made of?
Sodium bicarbonate.

What is the pH-PILL® legally?
Feed material. FAMI-QS certified (accepted by GMP).

pH-PILL® increases rumen pH.
pH-PILL® Scientifically tested.
Geishauser & Hergt 2016: Züchtungskunde 88, 180–188.

Animal nutrition for dairy cows: Sodium bicarbonate
Analytical components (%): Sodium: 25

Net weight: 4x 120 grams (1 package contains 4 pills)


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