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The first phosphorus pill


What is the P-PILL®?
The first phosphorus pill.

What is the P-PILL® for?
Phosphorus supply.

Why P-PILL®?
Lasts longer, increases the phosphate level in the blood.

How effective is the P-PILL®?
Scientific tests showed that the P-PILL® increases blood phosphorus from 3 to 24 hours after administration.

Which cows is it for?
Cows low in phosphorus.

How to detect low phosphorus?
Examine blood for anorganic phosphorus. Urinating blood after calving may be associated with low phosphorus.

When should it be given?
2 pills when needed.

What is the P-PILL® made of?
Monosodium phosphate.

What is the P-PILL® legally?
Mineral feed supplement.
GMP+ FSA assured.

P-PILL® increases the phosphate level in the blood.
P-PILL® Scientifically tested.
Geishauser et al. 2010: Prakt. Tierarzt 91, 694–699.

Mineral feed supplementfor dairy cows: Monosodium Phosphate, Sodium Chloride.
Analytical components (%): Phosphorus: 15, Sodium: 11.

Net weight: 4x 115 grams (1 package contains 4 pills).


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