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DETECT-HER™ TailPaint is a quality product from the USA and is by far the easiest and most cost effective tail-marking product. It is designed to visually recognize when a cow is in heat. TailPaint is applied to the tail-head of cows for the detection of estrus. Cows that are mounted several times have all (or almost all) of their paint removed. Bitterguard™ has been added to deter licking.

From day 30 to day 40, after calving, apply a 5cm wide and 20cm long strip of color to the tail-head every week. It is easy to apply and will rub off with several mounts, making interpretation of standing heat straightforward. The different colors of DETECT-HER™ TailPaint can also be used as an individual cow system. Apply TailPaint only to specific cows that are breeding candidates, like synchronized cattle or cows due to be in heat. Walk through confined cattle daily and visually observe painted cows. Individual cows should be touched-up as needed to maintain uniform strip of paint. Interpret paint and breed accordingly.

Unless the cow loses a lot of hair, do not apply too much color if you use it as an indicator ot heat. If there is a lot of color on the vertebrae, the interpretation is more difficult. Note: use in combination with cow brushes makes the diagnosis unreliable!

DETECT-HER™ TailPaint is available in 350ml bottles. With each bottle of 350ml about 30-40 cows can be marked.

DETECT-HER™ TailPaint - color marking for heat detection:
  • easy to apply and cost effective
  • fast visual heat detection
  • Bitterguard™ to deter the color from licking
  • Bottle of 350ml is sufficient for 30-40 cows
  • Available in blue, green and red


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