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AUXILIUM® teat disinfectant | AUXILIUM® Barrier
AUXILIUM® Barrier teat disinfectant


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Postmilking Barrier teat Dip
The fast-acting broad-spectrum teat desinfectant that leaves a protective barrier on the teats after milking

AUXILIUM® Barrier ist eine 2-Komponenten Zitzendesinfektionslösung, die nach dem Auftragen (Dippen) einen wirksamen Schutz auch vor Einflüssen von Außen bietet. Ermöglicht wird dies durch eine neue, zum Patent angemeldete, Technologie. Der Schutzfilm trocknet schnell auf den Zitzen und bildet eine physische Barriere, die schädliche Bakterien vor dem Eindringen ins Euter abhält. Verschiedene Hautpflegekomponenten führen zu einer gesunden und glatten Zitzenhaut.

CONTAINS: Component 1 (Base): Sodium Chlorite. Component 2 (Activator): Lactic Acid. After mixing Chlorine Dioxide is generated.

  • Effective disinfection – After mixing, the powerful germicide Chlorine Dioxide is released, which very quickly kills a wide range of harmful micro-organisms, even under organic load. And remember, the milk film left on the teats after milking is considered an organic load as well.
  • Registered BiocideAUXILIUM® Barrier is a registered biocide in numerous European countries.
  • Multiple Emollients – Carbitol, Glycerin and Xanthan Gum work together to ensure a smooth and healthy teat skin. The drip-free formula makes sure that more teat disinfectant stays on the teat.
  • Extensively Tested – Numerous anti-microbiological tests have confirmed that AUXILIUM® Barrier is a highly effective teat disinfectant (see charts). Long-term field tests in Germany and the Netherlands have proven AUXILIUM® Barrier to be an excellent teat conditioner, which was confirmed when it was recently awarded the “Seal of Approval” by the German Agricultural Society.
  • Fast-acting FormulaAUXILIUM® Barrier is able to kill millions of harmful bacteria in a very short time. Even with a 10% milk challenge, the reduction within 30 seconds is more than 99,99999%.
  • Extra-ordinary Barrier ProtectionAUXILIUM® Barrier forms a barrier on the teats after milking which prevents harmful bacteria from entering the teat canal, made possible by a completely new, patent-pending polymer technology.
  • Quick-dryingAUXILIUM® Barrier dries quickly on the skin and does not attract foreign material.
  • Safe to Use, Residue-FreeAUXILIUM® Barrier's components break down into elements naturally found and leave no harmful residues in milk or the environment.

AUXILIUM® Barrier is available as a kit of: 2 x 5 liters, 2 x 20 liters, or 2 x 200 liters.


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