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Energy-rich, vital and tasty water is an elementary prerequisite for life, health and wellbeing for humans, animals and plants.

Unfortunately today's water does not or hardly meets these criteria anymore, then what comes out of the pipes today is usually pumped under high pressure through kilometers of pipelines. Because of that it loses its liveliness and is less bioavailable in the living organism.

But there are ways to give the water back its freshness, energy and resilience! The water is revitalized by applying what nature does: interactions between suction and pressure, pulsating vortices, recording vibrational energies of minerals and crystals. All this, packaged in a high-quality housing, offer Vital Water Generators of the series ViWaGen.

The devices are maintenance-free. They do not contain any wearing parts and can be easily integrated into the water supply line.

The heart of the ViWaGen
The heart of every ViWaGen is a hand-cut crystal. Since humans, animals and plants have different energy systems, a specific crystal is installed for each group. This ensures that optimally informed and energized water is produced for each species as it flows through the ViWaGen.

Water is more important than most people realize. Its role and task in the living organism is of the utmost importance. And that also applies to animals, especially farm animals.

The following table shows the drinking water requirements using the example of dairy cows depending on the milk yield and the outside temperature.
Source: Spiekers, H.; Potthast, V. (2004): Successful dairy cattle feeding. DLG-Verlag, Frankfurt/Main, 4. Aufl.

Water requirement [litres per animal/day]
Dairy cows (type) Temperature (environment)
5°C 15°C 28°C
Dry period 37 46 62
9 [kg milk/day] 46 56 68
27 [kg milk/day] 84 99 119
36 [kg milk/day] 103 121 147
45 [kg milk/day] 122 143 174

The amount of food consumed is directly related to the amount of water the animal drinks. A study shows that with a decrease in water intake, the dry matter intake of the animals decreases by up to 9%. In this context, a drop in milk yield was also observed.

Furthermore, a cow with a lack of water excretes less urine, which leads to a concentration of the urinary substances. In extreme cases, there may be symptoms of poisoning.

Animals should therefore be offered sufficient water and strict attention must be paid to its quality!

„…the cows drink more water and give more milk…“
„…express an increased sense of well-being…“
„…after a short time they got a smoother and shinier coat…“
„…after just a few days, a reduction in the somatic cell count was observed...“
„…pregnancy tests showed that the insemination index has improved…“
„…the health of the animals has generally improved…“
„…the animals are more relaxed and behave more harmoniously with each other…“
„…since I've been offering my animals ViWaGen water, they obviously feel better. That's why I call the ViWaGen water WELL-BEING WATER…“

1.673 / 5.000 Übersetzungsergebnisse The Vital Water Generators of the ViWaGenfauna and ViWaGenflora series are tailored to the standard connections of company buildings. This means that the installation of the devices can be easily implemented by a mechanic.

The activators ViWaGen 35 and ViWaGen 70 must be installed as flow devices in the main water supply and thus treat all the water. The choice of activator depends on the object size. The device must be installed after the water meter resp. after the pressure tank of the water system and after any existing filter, preferably before distribution to the individual lines to the drinking bowls, in order to ensure the full energetic effect. The maximum operating pressure of all activators is 10 bar. The devices are suitable for an operating temperature of +3°C to +80°C. The installation position is arbitrary. The direction of flow is marked with an arrow (->). Materials used are brass, chrome-plated brass, Himalayan jade.

An increase in performance is possible by connecting several activators in parallel.

Technical details ViWaGen 35:
  • Length: 187 mm
  • Diameter: 40mm
  • Weight: 1,2kg
  • Connection size: 1" IT inch
  • Minimum pressure: 1 bar
  • Throughput at minimum pressure: 9 l/min
  • Throughput at 2,0 bar: 20 l/min
  • Throughput at 3,0 bar: 27 l/min
  • Throughput at 4,0 bar: 31 l/min
  • Throughput at 5,0 bar: 35 l/min

Technical details ViWaGen 70:
  • Length: 140 mm
  • Diameter: 78mm
  • Weight: 2,3kg
  • Connection size: 1" IT inch
  • Minimum pressure: 1,2 bar
  • Throughput at minimum pressure: 22 l/min
  • Throughput at 2,0 bar: 53 l/min
  • Throughput at 3,0 bar: 60 l/min
  • Throughput at 4,0 bar: 66 l/min
  • Throughput at 5,0 bar: 70 l/min


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