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Fly-Away Paper


effective - toxin free - environmentally friendly

The Fly-Away product line is an effective, toxin free and environmentally friendly solution to fight flies. Compared to chemicals an anti insect powders, Fly-Away products can be used nearly everywhere on your dairy farm – no matter how close you get to humans, animals or the fodder storage.

Fly-Away is environmentally friendly but deadly to flies!

Areas of application: Fly-Away Paper catches flies inside cowsheds, milking parlors, calving areas, calf stalls, stables, pigpens, storage rooms and wherever the presence of flies can turn into a plague.

Install the Fly-Away Paper out of the reach of your animals near windows, lamps or wherever the flies mostly appear. Avoid dusty places. Dust minimizes the strength of the glue. After installing the roll you can simply pull out the needed length of the Fly-Away Paper.

Alternatively you can cut smaller pieces out of the roll to mount them at tubes, beams, wires etc. Renew Fly-Away Paper whenever it is full of flies or when the glue on the surface seems to dry out. The used parts can be disposed with the residual waste.

  • Only use indoors - small birds can easily be trapped while hunting insects.
  • After contact of your skin with the glued surface the glue can be removed with vegetable oil.

Fly-Away Paper is available in rolls of 0,3 x 9 metres.


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