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Fly-Away Tape


effective - toxin free - environmentally friendly

The Fly-Away product line is an effective, toxin free and environmentally friendly solution to fight flies. Compared to chemicals an anti insect powders, Fly-Away products can be used nearly everywhere on your dairy farm – no matter how close you get to humans, animals or the fodder storage.

Fly-Away is environmentally friendly but deadly to flies!

Areas of application: Fly-Away Tape is most commonly used in cowsheds, milking parlors, calving areas, calf stalls, stables, pigpens and wherever the presence of flies can turn into a plague.

The yellow colour of the tape attracts flies. A short contact is enough to irretrievably get the fly to be stuck on the tape.

Application: Install the Fly-Away Tape near windows, in bright places. If possible, place the tape above the animals, across the walkways, in the waiting area and in the milking parlor.

Avoid installation in dusty places and places where there is draft!

Fasten the complete roll to the wall, ceiling or a post. Thread the tape through the guide rollers and wrap it around the empty spool. Once the tape is full with glued flies, please wrap it up until a complete new (yellow) tape is visible.

Fly-Away Tape is available as a starter kit with 550 metres of tape and the needed accessories. The refill unit contains 2 rolls of tape of 550 metres each.

Fly-Away Tape refill units can also be used with various other systems.

PLEASE NOTE: Although Fly-Away does not contain any toxins, we recommend keeping the tape out of the reach of children, small birds and other domestic and small animals due to the risk of tangling.


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