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DIOXIDIUM is a 0.3% chlorine dioxide solution that is produced by manually mixing component 1 (liquid component) and component 2 (solid).

DIOXIDIUM is a pH-neutral chlorine dioxide solution with a particularly high stability (30 days at room temperature, cool and dark storage increases the stability).

  • DIOXIDIUM has a strong bactericidal, sporicidal, virucidal and algicidal effect.
  • No risk of microorganisms developing resistance to the active ingredient chlorine dioxide, as the active ingredient has an unspecific mode of action.
  • Effective removal of biofilms.
  • Particularly low corrosion behavior due to pH neutrality.
  • Does not have a chlorinating effect, as neither chloramine nor chlorophenol are produced as by-products.

  • Drinking water disinfection.
  • Drinking water disinfection according to DIN EN 12671, DVGW worksheet W 224, TrinkwV, ÖNORM 5879-3 and Codex chapter B1 drinking water.
  • Surface disinfection by spraying (according to VAH "bactericidal effect under high stress without mechanics").
  • Room disinfection using fog (cold fog machines).

All applications for professional users only.

Activation and storage:
Activation/dosing takes place from the original container. Fill component 2 (solid component) with drinking water and bring it into solution by shaking (acceleration possible with warm water). Then add all of component 1 (liquid component) and seal it. Complete activation after a reaction time of 24h at 30°C (48h at 20°C).

Store as cool, dry and upright as possible and protect from direct sunlight.

Use Recommended concentration
Drinking water disinfection Germany: 0.2mg ClO2 / liter / 20 minutes

Austria: 0.4mg ClO2 / liter / 20 minutes

Application with a suitable dosing system
Surface disinfection dilute 1:10 on previously cleaned surfaces

dilute 1:3 in the case of heavy loads / suspected viruses (e.g. corona viruses)

Application with a suitable spray bottle
Mist/Fog dilute 1:3 - 50ml / m³ volume for 15 minutes

Application with a suitable cold fogger

If you need appropriate technology for drinking water application or nebulization, please contact us.

DIOXIDIUM is registered as a biocide in the following product groups with the number N-88854:
  • PT 2: Disinfectants and algaecides not intended for direct application to humans or animals.
  • PT 3: Veterinary hygiene
  • PT 4: Food and feed area
  • PT 5: Drinking water

Dioxidium is available in:
  • Set 1 liter (component 1+2)
  • Set 5 liter (component 1+2)
  • Set 10 liter (component 1+2)
  • Set 25 liter (component 1+2)


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