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SOP® Lagoon


SOP® Lagoon: Revaluation of the liquide manure

SOP® Lagoon supports and promotes the activity of naturally occuring mineralizing microorganisms in manure. These transforms, among others, the nitrogen into a form that is more easily absorbable by plants, which reduces the loss of nitrogen by leaching or evaporation. This increases the efficiency of manuring.

  • Reduces odor during storage and application.
  • Reduces the floating layer (crust) and sediment in the slurry tank.
  • Increases the flowability and homogeneity of the liquid manure.
  • Reduces costs.
  • Reduces damage to plants caused by burns.
  • Increases manure-capacity and -efficiency.

SOP® Lagoon: 2g/animal, 1x weekly into the manure pit.

Activation at existing manure: 2g/m3 1x weekly for 3 weeks.

NOTE: Until successes are visible and measurable, depending on the starting condition, between 30 and 150 days may pass.


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