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AUXILIUM® teat disinfectant | AUXILIUM® One Dip


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Teat disinfectant for dipping after milking

AUXILIUM® One Dip is specially developed for companies that do not want to mix a 2-component teat dip, but still highly value a good efficacy. After milking make sure the teats are sufficiently dipped in or sprayed (attention: when spraying, please avoid spray shadow). The blue color makes the dip-/spray result clearly visible.

  • 1-component teat disinfectant
  • Active ingredient: lactic acid + hydrogen peroxide
  • Broad spectrum
  • Glycerine takes care of the teat
  • Lactic acid supports the acid mantle of the skin
  • Blue food cloring for better visibility
  • Also suitable for manual spraying
  • Very good skin compatibility

AUXILIUM® One Dip has scored 'very well' in a skin tolerability test. It contains multiple active ingredients, which have a broad effective spectrum and kill bacteria quickly and safely. Lactic acid supports the natural acid mantle of the skin.

AUXILIUM® One Dip is available in 20 liter cans and in 200 liter barrels.

Biozid-Nr.: N-85711 (PT3)


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