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.. for a perfect grass silage!

POWERSTART® instant:
  • is convenient to use;
  • is instantly usable, a brewing time is not necessary;
  • contains homofermentative lactic acid bacteria (Lactobacillus plantarum ABER F1), which can convert both simple and complex sugar compounds into lactic acid.

A high quality silage is good for a dairy herd and guaranted to be able to produce more milk. This can result in a higher yield of 500 kg of milk per cow.

Benefits through the use of POWERSTART® instant:
  • fast fermentation
  • negligible ammonia levels
  • better protein balance
  • better fertility
  • higher feed intake through palatable silage
  • higher milk production

The use of POWERSTART® instant is very simple. A bag of 25 tonnes must be stirred into about 10 liters water of drinking quality. If the content of the bag has dissolved the liquid is poured into the reservoir of the dosing unit and filled up to 50 liters (40 liters to give). Again note that this water is of drinking quality. The POWERSTART®-mixture is ready to use immediately after adding the appropriate amount of water. The dosing unit should then be adjusted so that 2 liters POWERSTART®-mixture are added to 1.000 kg silage (fresh weight).

Delivery quantity: one sales unit contains 4 x 25 tonne sachets (minimum order quantity). From 100 tonnes, it is possible to order POWERSTART® instant per 25 tonne sachet.

POWERSTART® instant can be stored in the freezer (-18 °C) for up to two years after production date.

The bacteria used in POWERSTART® instant are GMO-free and thus also suitable for use in organic farms.

POWERSTART® instant can like any other silage additive not compensate a bad silo management or poor respectively for ensiling unsuitable weather circumstances.

POWERSTART® instant is available in pack sizes to treat 100 tonnes of silage (4 x 25 tonne).


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