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Are these pictures examples of optimal milking?

The answer can only be NO. These pictures represent extremes, but they come from reality.

If, however,
  • you feel that the milking has to be more comforable for the cow,
  • you recognize the pictures in their approaches,
  • you might want to optimize the milking process,

... then CoPulsation™ is the product for you!

CoPulsation™ Milking System:
  • Minimizes hyperkeratosis
  • Optimally utilize
  • 10-20% faster milking
  • Minimal use of antibiotics
  • Reduction Staph. aureus new infections 16:1

The problem
Producing quality milk from healthy animals is the goal of every farmer. Consumers are increasingly demanding milk producers, demand a reduction in the use of antibiotics and, at the same time, an increased life span of the animals. Due to the influence of today's conventional milking machines and milking robots, it's not easy for milk producers to meet these expectations. Conventional milking machines and robots pinch the teat ends and force the bacteria into the teat (Dr. Derek Forbes, 1968). This causes infections! In addition, an insufficient resting phase and an incomplete closure of the teats lead to swelling, hyperkeratosis, infections (Dr. Reitsma, 1981) and restless cows.

The solution
CoPulsation™ Milking System, a unique pulsation system that has been succesfull in the US for over 10 years and since 2012 it has also been succesfully used in the Netherlands. It provides dairy cattle with a solution that provides a significant reduction in the use of antibiotics and milks cows/goats comfortably, quickly and completely.

CoPulsation™ optimizes the animal-machine interaction because of an additional valve in the pulsator (only for the unrestrained inlet of the atmospheric air pressure). The teat rubber completely closes in the resting phase and prevents the teat ends from being pinched. At the same time, a longer resting phase is provided for an effective and gentle massage of the teats. Bacteria are no longer forced into the teat canal, resulting in significantly less new infections.

You can expect:
  • a lower machine-on-time, milking times can be reduced up to 20%;
  • more quiet and less kicking cows;
  • maximum milked cows and minimum milked blindly;
  • an optimum teat condition;
  • less new mastits cases (Cornell Study: S. aureus 16:1);
  • animals with mastitis heal better/easier;
  • an easier to manage cell number.

Other solutions?
Lots of products promise an improvement in milk quality, milking, efficiency and healthy teats. However, no other product can realize all these improvements because the real causes of the problems are not resolved. CoPulsation™ offers the complete solution, enabling a 'natural' and 'cow-comfortable' milking.

Are you interested? Do you want advice? If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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