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Hoof care | Ultra-Hoof® Gel
Ultra-Hoof® Gel


The practical solution for individual hoof care

Ultra-Hoof® Gel is suitable for specific, intensive care of animals with hoof problems. Ultra-Hoof® Gel should be applied in the hoof trimming stand on a clean and dry hoof with the provided brush.

If necessary, you can apply a bandage (Ultra-Hoof® Tape) to protect the treated area.

Ultra-Hoof® Gel contains:
  • zinc and copper minerals in the form of a chelate compound
  • binding substances
  • conditioning substances
  • surfactants

Zinc chelates promote cell growth. Copper chelates strengthen the horn tissue. Organic acids protect the natural acid environment of the claw.

With our Ultra-Hoof® care products you have the complete solution for effective hoof care!

Ultra-Hoof® Gel is available in 300 ml cans.


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