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The first biological calcium pill


What is the Ca-PILL® for?
For better calcium supply right after calving. More calcium - less milk fever.

What' s new?
The Ca-PILL® is the first biological calcium pill. No calcium chloride - no ulcer.

What is more natural?
The Ca-PILL® is made of calcium acetate. Acetic acid is a natural rumen acid.

How effective is the Ca-PILL®?
Scientific tests showed that the Ca-PILL® increases blood calcium from 1 to 24 hours after administration.

Which cows is it for?
For all cows at second calving or older. The risk of low calcium increases with age.

When should it be given?
2 pills on calving day, 2 pills the day after.

How deleterious is milk fever?
Down cows are at increased risks of muscle damage due to recumbency, injuries when attempting to rise and premature culling.

How much does milk fever cost?
350€ per case on average. Due to treatment costs, more labour, less milk produced, impaired fertility, higher risks of weak uterine contractions during calving, retained placenta, teat injury, mastitis, ketosis and displaced abomasum.

What is the Ca-PILL® legally?
Mineral feed supplement.
GMP+ FSA assured.

Ca-PILL® - increases calcium levels in the blood, supplies calcium more naturally.
Ca-PILL® - scientifically tested.
Geishauser et al. 2008: Tierärztl. Prax. 36 G, 250–252.

Mineral feed supplement for dairy cows: Calcium Stearate, Sodium Chloride.
Technological additive (g/kg): Calcium Acetate: 920.
Analytical components (%): Calcium: 22, Sodium: 0,4.

Net weight: 4x 85 grams (1 package contains 4 pills).


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