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Woolover® calf blanket


Woolover® calf blankets protect your calves against moisture, low temperatures, and wind. They are made of a special mixture of wool and fabric for optimal retention of the calves natural body temperature.

Woolover® calf blankets provide:
  • Better development/growth of calves
  • Better state of health
  • Less breakdowns and thus a lower mortality rate

Calves usually wear the calf blankets for 3 to 4 weeks after their birth, but ofcourse they can be worn longer if needed.

Woolover® calf blankets are washable and therefore reusable. The Woolover® calf blanket can be washed in the washing machine with a woll detergent. The calf blanket can be dried in the dryer at low temperature. Alternatively you can remove the coarse dirt with a high-pressure cleaner, disinfect and hang out to dry.

Woolover® calf blankets are available in the sizes S, M, L.
Back length: S: 66cm, M: 76cm, L: 87cm

Small: Suitable for Jersey calves / or 35-45 kg.
Medium: Suitable for Holstein calves / or 45-55 kg.
Large: Suitable for calves from 4 to 6 weeks / or 55 kg upward.


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