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Track a))) Cow

You're on the right Track

The First Long-Range System in the World, Perfected by Years of Experience.

Track a))) Cow monitors and analyzes the cows' estrus behavior, indicating the best insemination time, over an unlimited range, in any environment conditions, for dairy and beef herds.

Track a))) Cow is one of the most tried and tested, most sophisticated long distance tracking systems for your dairy herd. Using a single innovative transponder (foot sensor/pedometer), it supports a multitude of functions, from heat detection and feed intake to health and well-being monitoring. All data is transmitted in real time and the software evaluates it. Track a))) Cow provides you with real-time, long-distance continuous monitoring, making it a valuable decision-making tool for your herd. Track a))) Cow is compatible with the most popular herd management programs.

Unlike other heat detection systems which are based only on simple activity deviations, resulting in a high rate of false alarms, Track a))) Cow uses real-time monitoring, based on a wide variety of parameters, which are far more advanced. Our monitoring and analysis of the cow’s activity patterns allow for optimal precision in detection of the time and duration of the heat. Consequently, Track a))) Cow system accurately identifies the optimal insemination time, substantially improving conception and pregnancy rates.

The cow’s ability to express natural estrous heat behavior can be inhibited by many variables, such as the cow's health status, productive performance and the environment. High yield, lameness, metabolic disorders and any other health issue, heat stress, social stress, overcrowding and housing type are known to have a direct impact on the cow’s ability to exhibit typical heat behavior. Track a))) Cow's advanced data analysis provides highly accurate heat detection even under these limitations.

Improved heat detection (base module)

  • Heat detection, with recommended optimal insemination time
  • Cystic activity detection
  • Abortion detection
  • Suitable even in unfavorable conditions

  • Better heat detection rate
  • Better conception rate
  • Better pregnancy rate
  • Shorter calving intervals
  • Decreased culling rate as result of improved reproduction

Other modules:
  • Early detection of health issues - alerts in real-time
  • Feed behavior monitoring - for better management
  • Calving Alert

Fazit: Track a))) Cow is a Long Range Pedometer (LRP) with up to 10km range. Track a))) Cow provides real-time transmission of movement data and provides information about the health and gestation status of your herd.


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