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Devil's Cream Fire 200ml can


Devil's Cream Fire is an intensely warming care gel with the natural power of the devil´s claw and nettles.

The intense and long-lasting sensation of warmth is based on special plant extracts, ethereal oils and very effective heat regulators. In connection with a massage it supports the feeling of the relaxation of muscles and joints and promotes circulation.

Care components such as glycerine, allantoin and calendula extract have a calming effect on the skin and make it smooth and soft.

Devil’s Cream Fire is available as 200ml cans.

Extra knowledge:
Devil’s Claw
The devil’s claw originates from Africa and has claw-like fruit from which the plant gets its name. It is, however, not the fruit which is used but rather the storage roots. Devil’s claw is a medicinal plant which is reputed to have a very anti-inflammatory as well as a decongestant and mildly pain-soothing effect. It is therefore used to treat arthrosis and other joint pains.

Heat therapy
Pains of the locomotory system, particularly back pains, are very common in modern society. Thus pain perception is an important protective function of the body. Pain stimuli are perceived by so-called receptors which can detect them and pass them on. Nerve fibres connect these receptors with the spinal cord. The body’s nerve fibres all converge in the spinal cord and are connected to the brain like cables. All the impulses are evaluated here and the relevant command messages are relayed to the body’s muscles or glands. The aim of pain treatment is to apply measures which have minimal side effects, if any, and aim to eliminate the pain or reduce it as far as possible and prevent the pain from becoming chronic. Pain can be perceived very differently and it can have a wide variety of causes. In the case of pain in the locomotory system heat treatment, in conjunction with medical therapy, has a pleasant and pain-soothing effect.

Devil’s Cream Fire cares for and protects the skin, warms intensively and promotes blood circulation. This reduces the feeling of pain.


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