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Udder cleaning | AGRICLEAN® Dry


Dry und structured paper udder wipes with a stimulating effect!

These dry udder wipes has been specifically designed to ensure an effective cleaning before the milking and to stimulate the udder.

  • AGRICLEAN® Dry udder wipes have a rough surface, which ensures better dirt removal.
  • AGRICLEAN® Dry udder wipes retain their tear resistance even when wet. You only need one sheet for each cow.
  • AGRICLEAN® Dry udder wipes provide a good stimulation of udders, which shortens the milking time and guarantees an improved teat skin condition.
  • AGRICLEAN® Dry udder wipes are fully biodegradable, so it can be disposed with the manure.

  • Udder cleaning. The udder is cleaned to remove organic impurities such as manure, mud, sawdust, and litter.
  • Udder stimulation. The massage of udders with rough paper causes an increased secretion of oxytocin. This results in increased lactation, which shortens milking time. A shorter milking period has a positive effect on the health of udders.

AGRICLEAN® Dry disposable udder wipes are available in sales units of two rolls. Each roll contains 915 sheets (one sheet measures about 25.5 x 26.5 cm).


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