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The first bicarbonate pill for calves


Why do diarrheic calves drink less?
Because they suffer from acidosis.

What is acidosis?
In diarrhoea calves lose not only fluids but also buffers. They dehydrate and overacidify.

How dangerous is acidosis?
Acidosis rapidly increases within a few hours. The calves drink less and less. They keep losing fluids and buffers, become weaker and weaker and finally die.

What can be done?
Give a Bi-PILL® when diarrhoea is diagnosed, 1 pill immediately and 1 pill each after the next 3 meals. Have Bi-PILL® available.

How about suckler cow management system?
Give 4 Bi-PILL®-pills at a time.

What does the Bi-PILL® do?
It buffers acidosis in blood and rumen. The calf starts drinking again.

What is the Bi-PILL® made of?
Sodium bicarbonate - a very effective buffer.

What is the Bi-PILL® legally?
Feed material. FAMI-QS certified (accepted by GMP). Suitable for organic farms.

What losses does calf diarrhoea cause?
€108 per case in light diarrhoea, €268 per case in severe diarrhoea, because of treatment costs, more labour, more rearing days and higher risk of death.

Lower the costs - give Bi-PILL®!

Diarrhoea causes acidosis (pH drops).
Bi-PILL® buffers (pH rises).
Buffering betters appetite.

Bi-PILL® has been scientifically tested: Geishauser & S. Maag et al. 2014: Züchtungskunde 86, 130-136.

Bi-PILL® is suitable for organic farms (listing in FIBL and InfoXgen) and is produced under GMP+.

1 package Bi-PILL® contains 20 pills and is sufficient for 5 calves (a total of 4 pills per calf; 1 pill immediately when the first signs of diarrhea are diagnosed and 1 pill each after the next 3 meals.)

Animal nutrition for calves: Sodium bicarbonate
Analytical components (%): Natrium: 25

Net weight: 20x 9 grams (1 package contains 20 pills)


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